4 Advantages of LED Bulbs for Your Home!

With all the technology in LED lamps offered today by the market, there is no way to think of a new or refurbished house with poorly crafted or outdated lighting.And there are many reasons to bet on LED!

If you are looking to understand the main strengths of this technology, this post is exactly what you need to read. We have selected the 4 main advantages for you to invest in this type of lighting and leave your home with an incredible look.

1. Save energy and money

Let’s get right to the point: who does not like to see the cheapest light bill at the end of the month?The investment for the installation of the LED points helps and much, in the matter of monthly economy, no alternative surpasses this technology.

When compared to the incandescent options, the LED lamps even spend 90% less monthly.This is due to the composition by light emitting diodes that emit an extremely effective brightness, reducing the consumption of energy.

Still, the LED provides a sustainable economy: the use of an LED lamp eliminates the production of up to 25 incandescent bulbs, reducing waste disposal.

2. Maintain the proper ambient temperature

A major problem with old lamps is the heat they generate, often considerably altering the temperature of a room.With LED bulbs, you do not take that risk!

Because it produces very little infrared light and almost no UV emission, the LED does not emit heat and ultimately provides freshness to the environment.Technology is preferred in places such as museums and art galleries, for example, because it prevents deterioration of materials.

3. Have maximum efficiency in the aesthetic aspect

The LED can transform almost 90% of the energy used in light.On the other hand, other technologies use only 20%.In addition to the financial and sustainable economy, about which we have already mentioned, this efficiency makes the aesthetics of lighting much more valued.

There are many color options for LED lamps, and the most basic ones, such as white ones, end up generating a total visual comfort, being perfect for environments with television or for studies and reading.

4. Do not Worry About Maintaining LED Lamps

When talking about LED economy, an important factor besides low power consumption is durability.While an incandescent lamp lasts at most 1,000 hours and a fluorescent 8,000, one LED can last up to 50,000.

Do the calculations quickly: if you left the lights on 24 hours a day, your LED points would still last for almost 6 years!Taking into account an average of 8 hours of daily consumption, experts point out that the useful life of this technology can reach 17 years.

That is, of all the maintenance concerns one needs to have in a home, the lighting will certainly not be one of them if you opt for LED bulbs .

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