3 Ways to Wear Sexy Lingerie to the Show

There is no doubt that apparent underwear is one of the strongest trends for the summer season 2017. Thinking about it, in today’s post we will present 5 ways for you to wear sexy lingerie outside the bedroom – that is, on a daily basis!

The main tip for putting on a sexy lingerie look is to have balance: if you’re going to wear bolder parts, combine with more casual ones. If you’re going to use a little regatinha + a powerful strappy bra, for example, complete the production with a pair of jeans.

3 Sexy Lingerie Inspirations In Look Of The Day

With Regatas Dug In The Back

Strappy bras, called strappy bras , have been fashionable for some time, explained by LAWFAQS. The cool thing now is to bet on the strips that are on the back, combining with open sweaters in that region. It’s very sexy.

With Jeans Short

The bodies arrived with everything in the hottest season of the year. Comfortable and modern, they give shape to the body without losing its sensuality. Models with strips are a charm to the piece and they look beautiful with shorts, in a climate well “vacations”.

With Overalls

Jumpsuit is a versatile and always successful piece. Combining a long overalls with powerful lingerie is the right tip for anyone who wants to ruin! Choose a low-cut jumpsuit and bet on sexy lingerie with straps and laces. Success!

Where To Buy Sexy Lingerie

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