3 Summer Shirt Tips: Hottest Day Examples

Anyone who says that the Brazilian is not elegant is making a mistake! It is not because we live in a ‘tropical country, blessed by God, and beautiful by nature’ that we are misaligned! Let’s prove it with 05 examples of summer elegance.

Linen Shirt

Summer arrives and the best choice is a linen shirt, no doubt! Lightweight, loose and made to let your body breathe, this model is a typical elegance for hot places. Whether in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Morocco, South Africa or Australia, warm places call for that kind of elegance. It can match with pants or shorts. The shoes range from slippers to slippers, but one thing is for sure: it’s the elegance of a summer men’s look.

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100% Cotton Shirt

Sometimes the linen models are expensive, opt for the elegant and cheaper cushion: the 100% shirt with the fabric weft open – this is a precious tip, the more open, the fresher. Short sleeve shirts are always good for our summer, if cotton are better still!

What if I need to be a little less casual? How can I solve? If it was winter I would wear a blazer and that’s it! So…in summer too!Except that the blazer needs to be cotton to make it look summer, and be cooler. It is a good request this double cotton: shirt and blazer. Well fresher than its synthetic synthetics, it’s worth the investment for next summer.

Printed Shirts … Especially Flowery: Pure Beauty

If you are the type that does not like to draw attention, opt for small flowers, almost microscopic. But if you are fun and expansive, and are not afraid to get attention, use and abuse the big flowers in the best Hawaiian style!