3 Points To Choose A Lipstick Based on Your Skin Tone

It has passed you a divine lipstick you see in a magazine, you put it and is fatal? There are two simple reasons for that:

1 even if your self-esteem is through the skies, it is impossible to see as well as the models, those photos are retouched and they are very photogenic (why are top models).

2 you won’t look good all tones.

That is why, to find the perfect lipstick, here I leave you three basic points that you should consider:

Point One: Identify Your Subtone

The skin of everyone, regardless of color, has undertones. They can be neutral, yellow or pink.The yellows are warm and the roses are cold. Sounds strange and look like that I’m talking about a class of advanced art, when in reality it is super simple.

How to identify your tone? If the place where you have good natural light, watch your wrist and forearm. If the veins look blue and tend to dress in clothes blue, white or grey, your tone is pink. If the veins are green, you have a yellow tone and belong to the warm group. But, if you are lucky enough to see some Greens and other blues, you’re neutral, which means that they favor you almost all colors.

You can also apply the law of jewelry. Don’t make case to your preferences, just put a piece of silver and a gold against your skin. If the silver is better your undertones should be pink. While the yellow gold do better.

Point Two: Identify The Colors That You Lift

The warm (reds, oranges, yellows) are ideal for those that have yellow undertones, while the cold (Blues, violets, Roses) are those who are best if you have pink undertones.

I have the theory that there is a red lipstick for every woman, then, choose the perfect for you will be easy: If your tone is warm, a naranjoso red can stay very well, but if it is cold, look for a strawberry red or bluish-red.

Point Three: Guide You With Your Skin Tone

To make everything simpler, you can choose the colors that usually you will better your skin.Brunette complexion almost always are neutral. It is difficult that they make a mistake in their choice, since practically all shades of lipstick they are.

For clear skin, bright colors, reds, Fuchsia or Orange are the best. There are also “nudes” that have something in color and are not lost. For the dark skin or very brunette best are tones of plum, purple or intense red.

The point is to try, there are exceptions to these rules, you can always choose one that you like regardless of the subtone. But, if you’re not very daring, these rules will serve much.

I wait in Rita and point with more tips so that you find the ideal look for this important day.