3 Men’s Shoes to Wear with Basic T-Shirts

The men’s wardrobe has some pieces that are wild when it comes to putting on a modern and stylish look . Among them, we highlight the basic shirts, which are essential for a cleaner look , and are easy to match with the rest of the pieces. But, do you know which men’s shoes are fit to wear with this type of T-shirt?

Tips on how to wear three men’s shoes with basic shirts

Check out our tips and do not go wrong in producing your look .

Casual T-Shirts With Basic T-Shirts

The casual coot arrived shy and marked presence in the masculine visual. It is modern, comfortable and adds a lot of style. By having a slightly heavier air, it is the perfect footwear to be worn with the basic t-shirts, balancing the composition.

Coffee husk, for example, can be worn with a plain white shirt. The earthy tones are the season trend and harmonize well with white and black. If you prefer a printed shirt, the ones with unique and large prints are perfect. You can choose a color from this print to match the rest of the look.

Leather Sapphire With Basic T-Shirts

The Sapatênis are preferred among modern and practical men, as well as comfortable are extremely versatile. The models made of leather provide casualness and style, so they can be worn day-to-day and even at work.

Combined with the basic t-shirts, they form a visual with lots of personality. The ideal models are with “v” collar or neutral colors (gray, black, white or pastel shades, which are high). Another tip is to create contrasts, investing in a smooth shirt with vibrant color worn with a basic jeans , can be pants or even a shorts.

Moccasin With Basic T-Shirts

These footwear gained space in the masculine visual. They are versatile and give a very bare touch to the look. Therefore, the basic shirts are great accessories of the moccasin.

Neutral color models such as Moccasin off White , for example, allow contrast with a colored shirt such as orange, green or blue. Colorful models, such as the Blue moccasin , harmonize with more neutral tones such as gray, white or pastel tones.

For a functional and modern wardrobe there is not much secret. Just choose the right pieces to complement the rest of the look. Footwear plays a fundamental role, as they give the finishing touch, enhancing the look even more.

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