3 Introduces Byt-to-New

Get the value of your old cell minus the price of a new phone if you buy mobile at phone company 3.

Missing you just the last money in order to buy a new model? Your old mobile can be worth money, and right now introduce phone company 3 concept byt-to-new.

The concept is that the 3 offers to buy your old mobile, when you buy a new one. This lets your old cell help to finance the purchase of a new mobile.

A study by Wilke shows that half of Danes are saving premier-pharmacy.com/product/ativan/ their old mobile away at home, when they acquire a new one.

The figures show that many are saving their cell, but we know that it is the fewest that takes it into use again-that is precisely why there is a very large number of mobiles that are gathering dust, although they still have some value. Few people are so aware that they actually have gold in the tray and it seems we are really bad,” says David Elsass, Director of the private market with 3 Denmark.

3 assess telecommunications’ position, and the more well maintained a telephone is, the greater the amount pays the company.

An iPhone with 16 GB gives 1,125 to 2,250 6 kronor, while a Samsung Galaxy S5 provides 208 to 834 dollars.