3 Innovative Reusable Water Bottles

Earth Day may be next week, but being environmentally conscious has become a trend all year round.

When it comes to being green, here are three water bottle designers that are breaking the mold without breaking the bank.

This looking water-bulbous bottle comes with a built-in filter that should be changed every few months. Made from recycled plastic, the BPA-free Bobble never spilled into my bag, even after spinning for a week. The filter also makes filling the tank at the water fountain at the airport seem a bit less unpleasant.
Price: $9.95; Replacement filters cost $6.95 each.
Points of Sale: This brand new bottle is currently shipping to major retailers (including JCPenney, Whole Foods, and Barnes & Noble) and should start appearing in stores within the next month or so.You can also order now from our site; Add $ 3.95 for shipping costs.

This BPA-free Vapur resembles a Capri Sun beverage bag over a water bottle. Lightweight, foldable design means you can flatten it, fold it or roll it when it is empty. The so-called “anti-bottle” can also be frozen, thrown in the dishwasher, and generally crushed.
Price: $ 8.95
Points of sale: our site; Add $ 4.45 for shipping costs. Flight 001 also carries the Vapur for $ 10, but it is so popular that it is often out of stock.

Hydro Frasco
The Hydro Frasco looks like a typical stainless steel water bottle, but the single insulated double wall means you can pour hot or cold liquids inside. The sweat-proof design also keeps your bag from soaking up any condensation.
Price: From $ 23.99
Points of Sale: Check our site for a list of stores; For online orders, add from about $ 9 for UPS Ground shipping.

Al Gore would be very proud.

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