3 Alternative Uses for Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow is there for the eyelids, clear. However, the colored powder can also be used for other beauty aspects than the eye region. Here are three practical tips for using eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow for the lips or fingernails? I agree! Eye shadow can not only radiate the eye part. With these three make-up tips you will have much more use for your favorite eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow as eyeliner

According to Beautygenerate, Eyeshadow makeup  is often distributed over the eyelid. However, it can also be suitable for an eyelid.For this purpose, a very thin, precise brush is needed, with which the eyeshadow can be applied precisely.Now you have two options.For one thing, you can moisten the brush and mix easily with the desired eyeshadow.This gives you sharp contours like an eyeliner.On the other hand, you can leave the brush dry and apply the eyeshadow directly on the eyelash rim.The contours will not be so sharp here, which makes the look more natural and therefore, especially in nude and brown tones, is well suited for everyday life.

Eyeshadow as a nail polish

Quite simply, nail polish can be made of eye shadow. Especially if you have an eyeshadow that is already crumbled and you do not use any more for your makeup anyway. Take the damaged eyeshadow and grind it until only powder is left. Then carefully filled the whole into a clear lacquer and shaken or stirred:Voilà, finished is your individual nail polish.

Eyeshadow as lip gloss
Make a lip gloss in a similar procedure, such as the nail polish.Caution:Use only small amounts of eyeshadow here, since the lip gloss will otherwise become too viscid and start to crumble.Otherwise it is:some crushed eyeshadow in Vaseline or a clear Lipgloss give and mix well.