Today, we continue our series of practical tips of what to take on the plane. For those who did not watch the first video where we answered the question of Camila on what to bring snack on the plane, here is the link.

Now it is the turn of the question from Patricia Vargas, from Joinville, who would like to know compact options of toys that were not electronic games.

Let’s not lie: tablets, smartphones and the like, are a hand in the wheel to distract the children and make the flight pass faster. But a lot of time with the little eyes on the screens is not recommended, neither physically nor mentally.

That’s why we selected some favorite activities from the little Aces! And the best all fits in that little lunch, the same one that has the snacks and that they themselves take.

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Our intention is to show practical ways that work in our wanderings through this world.This does not mean that you have to do the same. In fact, the ideal is you adapt always thinking about the taste and need of your family.

If you have other ideas that might be nice to you, please write in the comments box. Sharing suggestions and information we will all go further!

The products featured in this video are:

Faber Castell’s short wax chalk, found at stationery stores-see here.

Books of activity of the Cocktail, found in benches and bookstores-see here.

Faber Castell modeling clay found at stationers-see here.

Plasútil’s double plastic canister, found in home appliances stores- see here. riding bugs found at toy stores-see here.

Hot Wheels trolleys found at toy stores-see here.

Mattel Polly dolls and outfits found at toy stores-see here .

Copag, Mattel, Grow and Hasbro assorted card games found at toy stores-see here.

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