27 Super Stylish Backpacks

Once seen only in school environments, the backpack is today, regardless of age, a stylish accessory for all hours

It was the time when wearing a backpack was synonymous with carrying an ugly and unsightly bag.Every day more this accessory is influenced by current trends, becoming essential complement to the look.

Practical and versatile, they are useful for carrying school supplies, notebooks or to keep other items handy in a comfortable way.If previously they were seen only in school environments, it is now possible to observe people of different ages choosing the backpack as an accessory of the time.

Their appearance is unknown, but it is estimated that even in very distant periods, when men went out to hunt, they produced this item with the hide of the slaughtered animal to carry the equipment and food next to them.

Its version with pockets and zipper was created in 1952 by the mountaineer Dick Kelty, it was manufactured in resistant materials, ideal for the practice of the mountaineering.Since then, his designs have been varying year by year, as has the material in which the backpack is produced.

Available in varied models, it can please all tastes and pockets.Check below a selection of super stylish backpacks that even those who do not like this style of bag will want to adhere to:

1. Fun backpack reminding the trend of patches

2. Full-bodied blue starburst print

3. This tropical print will leave your days more sunny

4. The stars are super high, bet!

5. With blue and white stripes and lacy detail

6. Super feminine, in pink color with poas

7. Elegant, in eco-leather black

8. The dark blue tone contrasts with the beautiful printed foxes

9. With ethnic prints and tassel

10. Add more color to the look with this lovely backpack

11. For a more modern and stylish look

12. Vibrant tones and ethnic print set the tone

13. How about a delicate backpack with pearl applications?

14. This is the ideal option for those who love poás

15. Romantic model, full of small stamped hearts

16. This is for those who are not afraid to dare

17. Made of leather, giving elegance to the piece

18. Beautiful option to charge the notebook without losing the style

19. Discreet, but beautiful modeling

20. Sporty model with camouflaged pattern

21. Delicate visual, with strawberries patterned on a light blue background

22. With plenty of space, in matte

23. The tie-dye style print makes the item more fun

24. The geometric stamp marking the presence

25. Gilding adding glamor to the look

27. For a tidy and elegant look

27. Flowers are always a good order in the accessory

Versatile accessory, it can be present in the look from the day-to-day strap to more formal occasions.Available in wide variety of models and materials, the backpack can please the most different styles.Choose your favorite and make your look more interesting!