• ETRO Spring/Summer 2011 at Milan Fashion Week

    The Milan fashion week good ideas for the next Spring-summer 2011 y ETRO It is one of the firms who stands as defender of the good spirit and colorful good weather. On this occasion, it has presented a proposal in its line, with colours ranging from grey to violet under the characteristic of the Bohemian spirit of signed prints.

    The suits are made monochrome and always in simple and soft tones, such as grey, combined with peak t-shirts, cool shirts and accessories that stand out above the rest.

    Shirts are filled with prints between hippies and psychedelic, but always in line with the color of his tie and without leaving too much of the simplicity of the suits. Scarves stand out above the rest with more vivid colors.

    The more formal pants line gets a little high on waist, although taken as if it were a wide cowboy. Ties remain close one another, but without the characteristic end peak season.

    The firm has also thought about those occasions in which a summer storm or a trip to colder areas may surprise you. The

    bohemian spirit, scarf, raincoat

    s and jackets, always in shades of soft and bright, are a constant in the collection.

    In the gallery you have more images of the rest of the parade, which also highlighted green tones and narrow forms:

    See complete gallery» ETRO, spring-summer 2011 at the Milan fashion week (10 photos)Scarves

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