• Do You Installation Ubuntu for Phone on Your Mobile Android When You Leave The First Compatible ROMs? Engadget Android Questions

    Ubuntu for Phone was submitted this week to a great expectation of what they can bring to a mobile market monopolized almost by Android and iOS. Terminals will arrive at the beginning of 2014, but soon will release the first ROM with Ubuntu for Phone thanks to rely on Android Board Support Package (BSP) allows to be easily installable on many current Android handsets. For example, the Galaxy Nexus that was used in the presentation. Therefore, we take this week to get the next question:

    Do you Ubuntu installation for Phone on your mobile Android when you leave the first compatible ROM?

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    The question of the week

    Last week I wondered about what do you expect from Android? in 2013. Among the answers, the most voted by the community has been made by rustyco. + 1000 I can not agree more.

    Nexus 5, because there is no 4

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