• Cat B15q: Outdoor Cell Phone with Android in the Test

    Conclusion: The cat B15Q costsaround 330 euros, the installed hardware skin us for that price not from the stool. The mega rugged Android smart phone is a good choice but only of limited suitability for everyday mobile, nevertheless for the construction site or in the outdoors.

    Cat B15Q: Feel Top-Camera Flop

    The 4-inch smart phone brings proud 170 grams and looks very elegant in the hand. The “construction worker-phone” is reinforced at the corners with thick rubber. On the sides, we see specially fabricated aluminum. Connections are closed with lids, the back cover includes waterproof by sliding shutter. The camera of the Catphone take photos only blurred and distorted color images in the test.

    Cat B15Q: Solid Performance

    Together with the 1 GB large amounts of RAM, the built-up quad core processor by Mediatek with its maximum 1.3 GHz ensures no performance. While we see no rough juddering, brisk pace is defined but different. Otherwise, the cat B15Q has the normal standards. Bluetooth 4.0 and the 3G-Funkstandard HSPA are on board. At a price of around 350 euros However, we miss LTE.

    Cat B15Q: Extreme Rugged Android Phone

    The outdoor cell phone from Photionary can withstand the most adverse conditions. In our test we dropped it several times from a height of 1.80 metres. Up on clearly visible signs of wear on the rubber, the cat B15Q took no damage. Water also could have nothing to the outdoor smart phone. The online term measured by us by 7:22 hours is good, in terms of battery life, the Catphone convinced.

    Cat B15q: Alternative

    An alternative is the Galaxy Xcover 2 from Samsung with a price from 160 EUR. The Xcover 2 can the equipment here does not quite match the cat B15Q, for this you have to pay but only half. It is also protected against water and dust to IP67.

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