• This Android Alternatives There Are For The Iphone 6

    Many Smartphones have been predicted as a iPhone killer. No one has really succeeded. But get these two smartphones to the iPhone 6. Not only by the size of the screen, but also by the quality of the workmanship.

    It’s about the Sony S3 compact and the Samsung Galaxy alpha. Both Smartphones have that certain something, to arrive to the new top model from Apple.

    Why make a comparison at all, and apples and pears – compare? Many people are already in the Android ecosystem, and would hate to switch on iOS. For others, a new iPhone is simply too expensive. What do when it is but still thrilled by the new model? Look for a similar alternative. Perhaps even more than the iPhone can the Android Smartphone…


    Apple iPhone 6

    The iPhone is a really great stylish Smartphone. Even if Apple once again changes the design line and this device on rounded corners and edges uses, can convince the iPhone. The processed materials look good, feel good and are of high quality. The whole iPhone consists of aluminum and glass. Since this iPhone 6 in a unibody enclosure, can not remove the back and fail to change the battery.

    Sony Z3 compact

    Sony Smartphones have also a very high standard on the processing quality. The Z3 Compact consists completely of glass on the front and back. The frame around the unit there is no unfortunately like when the big brother Z3 aluminum, but a slightly transparent plastic. This has less quality. Here, too, the battery is firmly installed. All connections and card slots located on the Z3 compact under flaps that make waterproof the Smartphone.

    Samsung Galaxy alpha

    The Galaxy, Alpha is the first smartphone from Samsung with a metal frame. The frame is widened slightly at the corners. The edges are polished and similar to chic look like that of the iPhone 5 S. Unfortunately, the back is still a polycarbonate. Even the glass on the front has a structure, what makes it less high-quality look. For this, the back can be removed and the battery switch.


    iPhone 6

    The iPhone 6 has a larger display than all other models before. On the diagonal, the IPS Panel measures 4.7 inches. These are 11, 94 cm. The resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels and comes on a pixel density of 326ppi. Fortunately, we know that Apple used no inferior displays and can expect a very good color reproduction, viewing angles and a high brightness.

    Z3 compact

    The front of the Z3 features a 4.6-inch display. The pixel density with 319 ppi just below the iPhone is with a HD resolution. Thanks to IPS technology the colors are reproduced naturally and the screen is easy to read from any angle without colour.

    Galaxy alpha

    Samsung– typically a super AMOLED display is installed in the alpha. With a HD resolution on a diagonal of 4.7 inches, the Galaxy has the unschärfsten screen of the three devices compared ppi Alpha with 312.Since these values but only slightly different, it can be noted there is no difference in direct comparison.The AMOLED display is to reflect known for very strong colors and be something akkusparender.


    iPhone 6

    As in the predecessor model is installed in the iPhone 6 a 8 megapixel camera. Even the photos of the iPhone 5S were good. But you could be even better from the iPhone 6, even though the resolution has not been enlarged. The photos will be even better thanks to a new sensor. Also the front camera has improved Apple. Unfortunately, the camera lens from the housing looks out and could so quickly get scratches. A great feature: a dual-tone LED has the iPhone Flash with the photos look more natural.

    Videos you can record with the iPhone 6 with 60 frames per second in full-HD. Slow motion video playback resolution with incredible 240 make fps in 720 p.

    Z3 compact

    Actually inconceivable that in a compact smartphone a good camera is integrated. The main camera in the Z3 compact offers 20.7 megapixels. With a 1/2.3-inch sensor, the photos should succeed even with slightly darker motives. Also, the wide angle lens and a high ISO setting give Smartphone photographers many possibilities. The extra photo shutter button on the right side of the device is also a great feature.

    Videos can take up with the Z3 compact in 4 k resolution. Slow motion videos can take up also with the Z3. But not with a high frame rate.

    Galaxy alpha

    The camera of the alpha resolves with 12 megapixels. On the device, you will find the same camera application such as on the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. Features such as real-time HDR or 4K-Video make the alpha recording an interesting Smartphone. The quality it can keep up but not quite with the Z3.


    iPhone 6

    Of course, on the iPhone 6 is iOS installed. Apple’s software improved continuously and is available from the sale of the iPhone 6 in the version number 8 available. iOS has a very tidy and flat appearance. All apps are available on the home screen and there is no app drawer. It is operated via a back button in the upper left corner or the home button. Multitasking and the Sprachassisten Siri will hold double press or long on the home button activates. You can download from Apple’s AppStore apps, music, movies and books.

    Z3 compact

    The latest version of Android 4.4 is installed on the Z3 Compact. In addition, Sony has put its own UI on the normal Android, which changed the appearance and adds many new features. For example the camera app offers many features. Apps can be installed, about Google’s play store.

    Galaxy alpha

    4.4. Android is installed with a user interface by Samsung on Alpha. The software called “TouchWiz” has so many functions and apps, you can quickly lose the overview. Many features of the flagship S5 Galaxy were transferred to the Galaxy Alpha with the software.

    Technical data

    iPhone 6

    Is Apple’s newest processor in the latest iPhone installed. No wonder. The A8 processor is a 64 bit chip, the second generation and will provide a huge speed increase along with the M8 coprocessor. How much memory is installed in the iPhone 6, is not yet known. It is assumed by 1 GB.

    With 16 GB, 64 GB and even 128 GB, there’s the iPhone 6 in silver, grey and gold. The memory can be expanded not by micro-SD card. 128 GB is also unnecessary. The iPhone is 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm and weighs 129 grams. The battery to surf for a period of 11 hours with Wi-Fi. The latest LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are technologies.

    Z3 compact

    The same processor as the big brother Z3 inside the Z3 compact. A Snapdragon 801, which among other things also in the Galaxy S5, HTC M8 and LG G3. The processor has 4 cores with 2.5 GHz clock. Thus the Smartphone should tackle liquid all graphics-intensive tasks. 2 GB are also memory.

    The internal memory is 16 GB small something, but you can extend but as a single model in comparison with micro-SD card. So, purely theoretically even a greater memory than the iPhone with 128 GB is possible. The colour range includes white, black, red, door gravel. The Z3 compact measures 127.3 x 64.9 mm x 8.6 mm, making it shorter and narrower a fair bit thicker than the iPhone, but than 1 cm. It weighs exactly as much as the iPhone.

    Good news: The battery in the Z3 Compact is big, in relation to the Smartphone. With the 2,600 mAh battery runtimes by almost 2 days should be accessible. Also here are all current connection points.

    Galaxy alpha

    The Alpha is a processor from the own production of Samsung. The Exynos 5430 is a processor with 8 cores. 4 x 1.8 GHz fast cores for fast calculations and intensive use and 4 x 1.4 GHz cores that are slightly slower clocked, to conserve battery power. To do so, Samsung has installed 2 GB memory.

    The internal memory is 32 GB. He can be not extended. But we be honest. 32 GB be enough most people. There are white, black, blue and gold colors to choose from. The alpha is 132.4 x 65.5 mm and is exactly in the middle between iPhone and Z3 compact. It is the thinnest Smartphone in comparison with 6.7 mm thick.

    The battery in the alpha is only 1,850 mAh. This might not deliver the überlegensten terms.

    Special features

    iPhone 6

    The iPhone has, just like its predecessor iPhone 5S a fingerprint scanner that works very well. With the new software iOS 8 is even possible to secure third-party apps with a fingerprint. So you can login soon safely at eBay and co with a finger tip.

    Z3 compact

    Not only splash-proof, the Z3 Compact is a completely waterproof smart phone. Up to 30 minutes under 1.5 meters of water keeps out the Smartphone. A certification is specified according to IP65 / 68.

    Who owns a PlayStation 4 by Sony can play the favorite game on your Smartphone. There’s even extra adapter to attach the PS4 controller to the Smartphone.

    Galaxy alpha

    Also the Galaxy Alpha has a fingerprint scanner that is integrated with the home button. It is not yet known whether this works as good as the iPhone.

    Conclusion: Why…

    great design

    -very good quality

    -large internal memory

    Touch ID fingerprint scanner

    -fine materials

    … Sony Z3 compact

    -faster processor

    -Micro SD card slot

    -large battery

    -20.7 mega pixel camera

    -fully waterproof

    … Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    -very thin

    -Metal frame

    -replaceable battery

    -very easy


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