• So You Will Receive Your Oneplus One!

    In our test, the OnePlus one cut off very well and also in general it enjoys great popularity. With a 1 A-Technik that can easily compete with the top models from Samsung and HTC, and to do so at a very low price. The smaller version with 16 GB is from 269 euros. Assuming, of course, one has got one of the rare keys. But there are other ways to the Supersmartphone to reach. Here read this.


    The conventional way of an invitation to purchase a OnePlus one was to get so far to register on the website by OnePlus and sit on the waiting list. But the wait can range from weeks to months. Many are still waiting for their invite.

    Open purchasing system?

    Nevertheless, there is a little hope. OnePlus plans for a limited period of time to provide the public with the order of the ones from the end of October. Within the period everyone without invite may place as many orders as he wants. However, all devices are out of print, the bookings are automatically converted in pre-orders. Due to the large demand should be set up here but again on very long waiting times. After all, the amount is moved with the shipping of the product by the purchaser’s account. Even if it sounds a little better than the current system, so it is connected with a long period of waiting, faster to get his device probably not.

    German online retailer

    Who wants to wait and is ready to lay on it also like a few euros, has a one to acquire the possibility of platforms such as Amazon or eBay. But whatever risks exist at unatorisierten dealer of course. No one guarantees an intact product or the delivery at all. The prices are not necessarily too attractive. At Amazon is traded with OnePlus ones for 430 to 490 euros. So, a fairly decent premium, customs is usually already included in the price.

    Already German resellers, such as for example trading Shenzhen are better. Even if the prices in the same widths as on Amazon, so there is at least a buyer protection and a 14-day right of return according to German.


    Of course, you can import the device directly from China. Many retailers offering low prices. Also the online giant Alibaba is among the suppliers. The prices are usually $350. However, another inch is required here by the German border police. The cost is usually extra 50 euro. Test reports of these merchants vary widely. But complaints about paid, non-delivered products occur frequently. It is so be careful.

    The OnePlus one so not is quite so hard to get. However, either compromising the price or the security must be made from non-authorized dealer. Remains so only the hope that OnePlus can increase its production in the future and at some point make a flowing delivery possible.


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