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    What have Windows phone users, what not at Android or iOS is available? Right, a complete free offline navigation. Nokia here is the card service, which until now was intended exclusively for Windows phone devices. While there are alternatives of NAVIGON and TomTom, which are significantly more expensive.We have looked at more closely the app.

    Nokia has announced some time ago, that they are the Nokia here app for the Samsung Galaxy devices exclusive offer. This cooperation was much euphoria in users with Samsung smartphones. Although Google with Google maps offers also a free navigation, but not always, it has an Internet connection.Problems occur then as well as abroad, if by roaming charges costs may increase endlessly. However, extracted the Nokia here app developers and made it available for all Android devices. I’ve just tried the app in our flagship store in the Grindelallee; here can you download them you.

    When you start the app, you can sign in with an existing account here either, or optionally log in via Facebook. So it is possible to synchronise favourites and the last route with a PC or other devices. The interface is simple. Top a search bar, right above a button for Favorites, bottom right different maps (satellite, traffic, etc.) can be selected, the bottom left is the location button and on the left side you can open a bar with other menu items. Here you can access on the Favorites, select the navigation, download maps, or to access the settings. Are glad to see 3D buildings in my case it was the main building of the University of Hamburg, the Dammtor train station and the Radisson blue hotel. Also the navigation with public transport is correctly implemented at least, for the Hamburg area.

    The app is easy to use and has quite a few features that you missed at Google maps. Especially the downloading of maps is commendable. Download the entire area of Europe do you need 9 GB memory less than 960 MB is needed for Germany. If desired you can download different voices when navigating. Nokia indicates to offer maps for almost 200 countries, where a navigation for more than 100 countries.Here are some screenshots of the app. What do you think of Nokia here for Android?

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