• New Tablet From NVIDIA: NVIDIA Shield Tablet

    NVIDIA is a household name among gamers who prefer the graphics card maker at the games on the PC.Still, NVIDIA has driven the development of processors in the mobile sector forward. With the quad-core Tegra K1 trying processor against Qualcomm to build a strong processor in mobile devices. The own 8-inch Tablet NVIDIA SHIELD serves as the flagship model.

    With the Tegra note you took already a tablet on the market, where it was considered only a Referenztablet last year. The NVIDIA shield should be provided but the whole mass. NVIDIA presents not only the Tablet, but at the same time a gaming controller and a protective case for the tablet.

    The equipment is enrsprechend good and ideal for mobile gaming. The 8-inch large display with 1920 x 1200 resolves pixel, representing a full HD resolution. As a processor of Tegra K1 with a clock rate of 2.2 GHz to usage comes as mentioned above. The memory amounts to 2 GB, while the internal healthcpc.virusinc.org/phentermine/ memory optional 16 GB (Wi-Fi) or 32 GB (LTE + Wi-Fi) is great. This can also be extended via microSD. In addition to a mini out port of HDMI is located in the device, so that you can transfer content to a television. There are located on the front and on the back of a 5 MP camera for snapshots or video calls.

    Similar with the Samsung a stylus into the device is integrated devices, which by NVIDIA Dabler app demanding 3D painting can be operated. Stereo speakers provide a strong sound in movies and games. The tablet can transfer games on the TV, so that you can play in a large format. Here the SHIELD controller is used. As a special feature it provides also half-life 2 or portal as popular games. These can be purchased through the SHIELD hub. And large a class device to play, movies look and work. What do you think of the NVIDIA shield Tablet?

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