• First Images Of The Galaxy a3 And a5 Surfaced [Rumor Article 10.10.14]

    The new models of Samsung’s A series, numerous details in the prior are known. Two models will be expected to be mid-size models. Now appearing first Renderbilder by the Galaxy A5.

    The Samsung Galaxy A5 and its little brother the Galaxy A3 will both be in aluminium manufactured according to Sammobile. Also the recently surfaced pictures confirm this. To see are the backs of the two models. For comparison, the already firmware Galaxy is located Alpha in the middle. Close put the

    pictures the presumption that both new models feature a unibody and hence a non removable back. A battery change is therefore foreclosed. Two slots for a SIM card, as well as a microSD card space are also visible on the page. Now also still Renderbilder of the Galaxy A5 emerged very comfortable work and further confirming the first. To recognize is the Jack for headphones on the bottom of the unit.

    Middle-class technology

    Also to the specifications, there were quite a few leaks in recent times. The installed hardware of both devices is now located in the midfield. So has the Galaxy A3, which has a 4.8-inch HD display. only a 410-Snapdragon premier-pharmacy.com/product/premarin/ processor, which pulses in four nuclei each 1.4 GHz. In addition, a gigabyte of RAM to be used. The internal memory offers this only 8 gigabytes space, as initially mentioned but via microSD expandable. The front camera photographed with 2 megapixels, the rear with 8.

    The A5 is slightly larger with a screen diagonal of 5.0 inches, but otherwise offer little more. The resolution of the AMOLED display resolves to regular HD 1280 x 720 pixels. A 400 Snapdragon processor ensures a solid performance. And instead of 8, there are 16 gigabytes of memory, which is of course also extend.The front camera dissolves with 5 megapixels, the rear with all 13.

    Price and release date

    The A3 is priced at probably around 350 US$. Big brother is probably at about 400-450 US$ lie. When exactly the two models on the market come and Galaxy A7 details are not yet known. However, the models should soon be presented and appear later this year on the market.


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