• 4 Current Waterproof Smartphones

    It has certainly often observed; the Smartphone is one for the photo shoot in the water or you spilled his drink in the bar and it penetrates liquid into the openings. While the expensive device can be damaged easily and it annoys himself. Since some time, however, manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung with water – and dust-proof smartphones advertise. We want to introduce you to some devices with this feature.

    Electronics and water are not as good, it is all the more important that our protecting daily companion (smartphones) against liquids one. Sony brought water protection as a feature for the first time also in flagship models out 2 years ago. Before that, smartphones were often clunky and technically only mediocre. With the Xperia Z-series were entrusted with a high IP certification all tablets and Smartphones. Since Samsung can not look away and takes over more or less important features to upgrade his own flagship. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S5 , also the mini offshoot of the flagship, the Galaxy S5 mini with water and dust protection was fitted. With this step, many thought that you will no longer see the Galaxy active range; figured wrong. Samsung supplied also the Galaxy S5 active, where it has more robust built the device shortly after the S5. In our comparison, we look at top equipment from two manufacturers.

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    Samsung equips its flagship with water and dust protection this year. Last year was the model S4 Active released in addition to the S4. The S5 is currently one of the best devices on the market. A S801 processor with 2.5 GHz trains provides large amounts of RAM 2 GB along with a tidy power. Plus screen and a 16 take a 5.1-inch wide full-HD MP camera. The camera with the ISOCELL technology much praised and ensures very good shots. Even a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner comes to the total package from Samsung. The micro-USB input is on the bottom under a cover, while the headphone jack is freely usable. Samsung again opts for plastic, but produces a much wertigeres sense with the weak perforated back. (7 mobile price: €496,77).

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