20 Names of Most Used Babies and Their Meanings

Choosing a name for a baby is a very important thing, being one of the first big decisions that every parent takes for their child.

20 Names of Most Used Babies and Their Meanings

When it comes to choosing a name, there are several aspects to consider. The spelling, if it is a current name, its sound, etc. However, one point that must be taken into account is what a particular name means.

And if there are those people for whom this meaning does not say, for others this choice is of great importance, being already a pronouncement of what will come in the future.

If you are picking the name for your next son or daughter, then here you can find a list of the 20 most used baby names and their meanings.

Most Used Baby Names and Their Meanings

In each season there are more popular names than others. And if some are very old, with origins ranging from the Bible to ancient heroes, others are more current, such as celebrity names.

In any case, before choosing a name, look for its meaning. It is always better to opt for a name with a positive meaning.

Check out the 20 most used baby names and their meanings: 10 for a girl and 10 for a boy.

Most Used Baby Names and Their Meanings

Girl Names

  • Alice: noble person;
  • Amanda: kind and polite person;
  • Ana Clara: a girl full of grace;
  • Bianca: it represents the white color, the innocence and the purity;
  • Isabela: person consecrated to God;
  • Julia: cuteness and affection;
  • Sarah: princess’s name;
  • Sofia: represents wisdom;
  • Valentina: This name means strong health;
  • Yasmin: name that represents the jasmine flower.

Boy Names

  • Arthur: giant bear;
  • Bernardo: mental strength;
  • David: beloved person;
  • Enzo: name related to victory;
  • Gabriel: name of angel, signifies servant of God;
  • Henrique: prince of the home;
  • Leonardo: courage and leadership;
  • Miguel: represents humility and protection;
  • Murilo: means strength;
  • Vitor: victory and valor.