15 Trends For 2017 Nail Decoration

Today I’m going to show 15 trends for nails decorated 2017 based on the runway of New York (New York Fashion Week). In the video that I have prepared you will find original designs made by famous manicurist as Madeline Pool or Miss Pop Nails. Both with many years of experience in the world of nail art and certainly in the international spotlight. In this video I show you the step-by-step of these 15 nail art designs If you like already you know that you can subscribe to my channel for all the latest news.

The first is a hearts design, we will do them with acrylic paint for nail art as described in manicure designs that you can find at our web. This painting of nails is very opaque and allows great precision. You can paint on a basis of glaze color and give a layer of gloss over. Mix pink with a bit of red and white and apply it in the making with a very fine brush strokes and alternate with pure red color. Let’s make hearts strokes later with black paint . As you can see acrylic paint gives us great accuracy in the colors and slips much better than Nail Polish.

The next design is a French reversed in pink and red. It is very easy, on a red base paint with a pink very covering the French line. It is original and different.

We now turn to degraded Bordeaux about Golden nails. We will first use liquid Nail It Polish latex. It is perfect to protect our cuticles and dries immediately. For the gradient we will use a piece of sponge to nail art. We are going to paint with gold and Burgundy sponge and put soft touches on a dry one minute between each layer of gradient. Of course don’t forget to put a glaze of shine. I am using Poshe.

The next design is based on one wall of stones, but I’m going to change by glitter, because if not we must use UV gel. Glitter that I use are plated hexagons of size XL, will place them with the help of a pencil to manipulate nail decorations.

The following geometric design is a simple red circle against a blue sky. To do this I will use back of a ballpoint pen. Many times with things that we have at home can create almost any nail art.

This other design combines colors on a background nude. We are going to do it with a fine brush. We will first use a lilac and paint a semicircle at the base of the nail. We will draw the outline and then fill it. Then we will repeat the process at the tip of the nail with a blue.

The next design is very elegant and simple. With long nail looks more than with short and can be completed in punta. Only we need a nude base and a white glaze. With own enamel we draw a line in half nail and fill. Don’t forget to shine glaze to make your manicure last longer.

This another Madeline Poole manicurist design is super easy and very trendy. On a white base paint the nail of silver leaving to see part of the white on the sides. You can do it with different colors, although both the white and the silver are the stars of this season.

The next design is combining primary colors with black and natural type negative space. I use a French manicure Guide to delineate the semicircle. We delinearemos the tip and fill with a fine brush and black enamel. Repeat with another different color. If you strain a bit of enamel with below is very easy to rectify with a flat brush dipped in nail polish remover.

I’m going to show now a design very curious at the same time simple. It’s leaving a bare and only paint the edges with gold enamel and a very fine brush. The result is quite different to what tend to be used, very original. Do you like?

Keri Blair for Desigual design combines gold with glitter and I am going to give some holographic touches. On a golden base we use a sponge to put soft touches with glitter only at the tip. I have combined it with une smalte bringing holographic glitter. I love the result.

The design of Gina Edwards of black and white lines on a blue sky. The Golden Rose Rich color 68 effect gel is ideal for this nail art. After applying as a basis we will paint with white an L on one side of the nail. You can use a fine brush to more accurately. After dry with black enamel we will do about the white stripes. Always put a glaze gloss over.

The following design will also be with the technical negative space. I’ve put a porcelain enamel on its basis. Then paint two squares, one blue at the base with the 68 Golden Rose and another dark blue at the tip with the number 49 of Rich Color.

The next design is also Keri Blair for the collection of Desigual. We will use at the base a nude shade, Rich color, and black number 35 10. Paint the base with the nude and make a mark in the Center with the 035. Finally, I will use the matte top coat of Golden Rose that will give you a different finish.

We are finally going to make a design using silver leaf. I love this material for nails, we can use it in countless ways. This time will place it on the nail with a porcelain base, since as we have said much takes nnegative space, a technique that leaves the nail exposed and become small details over.

This top coat CND blotter is the best in the market. It is also a (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor) 4free. Drying is super fast (1 minute). Very high durability. Perfect for stamping and nail decorations.