13 Tips for Traveling Only with a Hand Luggage

Many travellers have led a fright with the new luggage franchise rules announced by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). The proposal, which was already being discussed a few months ago, is scheduled to enter into force from 14/03/2017. But the controversy is great and there is the possibility that the collection of the baggage allowance is barred by the Federal prosecutor or Congress–the Senate has passed a legislative decree which now follows to the chamber. As long as they do not decide once for all the life of the traveler, it does not cost anything to be prevented and prepare to start traveling only with a hand luggage, which will have a limit of up to 10 kg.

How to travel with only hand luggage

Even though the luggage franchise is maintained, there are interesting advantages in traveling only with hand luggage: You can check in online, by your cellphone or computer, and proceed directly to the shipment without facing the queues to dispatch the luggage. When you reach the destination, no waiting for the suitcase on the treadmill: go straight to the exit gate. Not to mention the risks of dispatching baggage, such as stolen and misguided luggage.

But for that the first step is to make an efficient suitcase with only 10 kg! To help in this mission–that may be almost impossible to depend on the passenger, travel days and destiny–we have arranged a post with valuable tips for those who wish to travel with only hand luggage. It is time to put aside all that is superfluous to get embarked without paying any extra real for a dispatched suitcase, since abroad is common that companies cover for the service!

1–You don’t need the whole pot of all your toiletries during the trip. Believe! You will not use any shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, leave-in, skin creams or various other toiletries and whole beauty while traveling. They occupy a lot of space, increase the weight of your suitcase and do not need to go with you in the original packaging. To reduce space and weight, prefer to use smaller pots with sizes suitable for days out of the house. You can acquire various pots of different sizes, shapes and functions in specialized shops or even on the wonderful Chinese websites that sell everything. Vale also buy products with smaller sizes, especially to carry in the suitcase (this includes even toothpaste). Not forgetting that many hotels offer hygiene products and that the little pots are great for reused in future trips.

It is worth remembering that there are limits and specifications for liquids in hand luggage. It is important to follow the rules for not having to dispatch luggage at the last minute or throw away your favourite product. Remember to identify all the pots with labels and put them in sealed bags so you don’t have problems, especially on international flights.

2–Reduce the size of your everyday utensils and accessories. For those who want to reduce the volume and weight of hand luggage it is essential to reduce the size of the objects as well. Forget that professional hair dryer, the huge, super-efficient shaving appliance, the hair brush the size of an arm and even your daily use toothbrush. It’s worth reducing the size of everything! From the makeup mirror to the laptop, passing through the bath towel (if necessary). The smaller the better! Even if they’re not so efficient, they’ll help in time to keep the 10 kg of hand luggage. Oh! Jewelry and jewelry should also be taken in number and size reduced, especially those that weigh too much.

3–Take only the amount of clothing required. It sounds like silly advice, but we know that a lot of people (Muuuuuuuuita people) take much more than necessary on trips. It’s time to put your hand on your conscience and realize that a dispatched suitcase could weigh heavily in your pockets. So, no clothes for thirty days of travel if you’re going to spend just a weekend out of the house. Calculate how many clothes will be needed and leave only one small left to emergency. Remember that laundry facilities are available in almost everywhere. To save money, you can use the bath to wash some garments that may be used again.

4–Leave at home that gorgeous outfit you never wear. You know that wonderful dress you’re looking for a chance to wear and never think? Or that social blouse that makes a pity out of the closet so sensational and that’s why you never wear it? That’s that! If you don’t wear that outfit in real life, you should also keep her from getting in your suitcase. We are talking about a 10 kg suitcase that should contain only objects, products and clothing necessary and helpful. If you don’t wear clothes on the day to day, the chance she gets at the bottom of the suitcase and back crumpled to the house is big. Change for a clothing that you adore and always use.

5–Think of all possible combinations and leave aside any piece that does not match anything. The rule is the most important! Do not take for the journeys of clothing that do not combine each other and that are worth only one occasion. Prefer basic visuals and can be combined and used on several tours. So you can repeat clothing without anyone noticing (I don’t care much for it, but there are people who call). The more basic, the better and the easier. Moreover, it is always good to save time when choosing what to wear during the trip. Clothing worth for different occasions are also very important, such as a black dress that can be used with tennis or more tidy sandal; Or a more lactated trousers that can go well with T-shirt or blazer. It is worth investing in small accessories, which do not occupy much space, but that change the visual. How about some scarves and scarves?

6–Prefer lightweight fabrics that do not knead and make no volume. If you are a frequent traveler you must have noticed as clothing with thinner fabrics that do not knead and make no volume are important for a small-hand suitcase. Choosing clothes that are suitable for travelling lightweight is as important as not choosing too many clothes. There is no point saving in the number of parts if you choose only one that occupies the place of 57 other clothing. In the case of coats, which are almost always bulky, choose to take in hand or go dress with him. So you’ll save a few square centimeters of useful area in your luggage.

7–Take only shoes that are wildcards and have been tested on the day to day. Did you buy a new shoe and you’re dying to take the trip? Not better! If he has not been softened and tested, the new shoe should stay at home. Take for the trip only shoes, sandals and even slippers that you are absolute certainty that can be used to exhaust without hurting your foot. So you don’t run the risk of taking a dead weight. As for the quantity of shoes, it varies greatly from the type of travel. However, in general, a Slipper, a tennis and a shoe or more tidy sandals solve everything. Choose models that combine with all the clothes, or at least with most of them. Travel with the footwear that occupies more volume and take the other two in the trunk.


8–Nothing to carry a lot of handbags, backpacks and bags for the trip! They occupy a precious space and now it costs money! Before you pack your suitcase, think exactly what kind of scholarship will be necessary. If you don’t hand out a backpack, it may be your personal purse on the flight and not occupy space in your hand luggage. If you choose to take a small pouch, prefer those that are malleable and can be kneaded to fit in the hand luggage. No big, rigid purses that don’t fit anywhere. Unless she’s your hand purse on the flight. In that case, all right! But still, the malleable is much more practical and easy to take.

9–Hold the wave and notify relatives you will not have a gift and no order. If you no longer liked to bring shopping to others when traveling, this change will yield a good excuse, after all, you will embark with a suitcase of only 10 kg! Let it be warned that it will not be possible to bring anything but necessary. If the present is emergency, better buy in the Freeshop or at the airport shops after embarking. But if you do the line that loves to buy gifts for everyone, bring northeast prawns and sweet mine jams, better rethink your suitcase.

10–Lightweight vacuum bags to keep the volume within permitted. Often the problems are not in weight, but on the volume. To help resolve this case, the ideal is to always have a vacuum pouch inside the suitcase. It helps to reduce the volume of clothing and magically makes it fit some more pieces inside the hand luggage. Very helpful in that moment of desperation when the suitcase doesn’t close.

11–Leave heavier objects for the personal pouch. If you are traveling with photographic camera, notebook, books and other heavier objects, prefer to put them all in your personal purse. Every passenger can embark with a suitcase and more a personal pouch (which can be a shoulder bag, a backpack or a small bag). Hardly that purse will be heavy at check-in time, so let to keep inside of it more sensitive and heavier objects. Coats can go in hand, so they take no place in the purse and not in the luggage of the hand.

Baggage Weight-Mao

12–Prefer a lightweight suitcase and stay tuned to the permitted size. More than ever it is important to choose a good suitcase to carry as a hand luggage. Avoid suitcases that are made of heavy stuff and that “steal” the little weight you have to dispatch. When purchasing a suitcase, look closely at which weight is empty. So you’ll be sure not to lose too much in the kilos you can take inside her. Suitcases made in carbon fiber, for example, are much lighter and resistant.

Stay tuned also to the size of the suitcase, to make sure that it is within the hand luggage specifications. If you exceed the airline’s limits, you may be obliged to dispatch, with a cost–and hassle–unnecessary at the beginning of the journey.

13–Take a travel balance. If it was important before, now the scale of travel is crucial to not tightening and taking a loss. Before you leave the house, weigh your hand luggage to make sure that it is within the airline’s standards. Avoid the attendants wanting you to dispatch the volume and have an extra expense that was not foreseen in the budget.

Do you have any tips to prepare a 10-pound handbag and not tighten the flights? Tell us! The important thing is to save and always travel more spending less! And if you want more tips on what to carry in luggage, see the special post on travel accessories that you can’t miss in your suitcase. But if it’s a 10-pound bag, remember the tips from here! Bon Voyage!