13 Safety Tips For Riding A Bike Around Town

If you have pedals or want to start pedaling, need to take some care. Today, the Bike2 Go, it will give you some safety tips and behavior that can help you, and in your path through the city. Always remember that common sense is welcome and not always your mistake, stay tuned to what happens to your surroundings.

Here are some tips from andyoutdoor.com for your safe cycling.

Tip 1: Lighting items.

The lights on the bike are indispensable. At night, the drivers have more trouble seeing the bike and so the white light in front and behind red indicate for them if you are coming or going.

Tip 2: Care in time to cross a bridge

Increase speed, take the track and signal well.

Tip 3: Wear Gloves

It may seem silly, but the gloves help leave no irritated skin when you hold the handlebars and especially won’t leave you with a great grated on hand if you need to support hands in an accident.

Tip 4: If you are starting out, keep it simple.

Start with simpler, smaller paths. Make the paths without haste and to get used to the movement of the city.

Tip 5: Signal

Just as it is essential that the cars take arrow, making signs and make clear what will you do can help a lot to not have any trouble. Use your hands!

Tip 6: Prefer cycle paths and quiet streets

Everyone knows that for the cyclist, the safest place, is the bike path. When you are cycling somewhere where they do not exist, use streets with smaller, lower flow.

Tip 7: The sidewalk is for pedestrians

If you need to go through them, get off the bike!

Tip 8: Use helmet

Of course a safe direction has more power than a helmet, however, despite time and practice, it protects against more serious injuries to the head. Go carefully and so never need to test it.

Tip 9: Plan

Before you leave home, take a peek on the way, choosing quieter roads and lanes and preferably for the descents.

Tip 10: Find a perfect bike for you

Search, talk to cyclists and choose a bike that suits to your needs and money.

Tip 11: Check out the rain!

Always remember to use rain hood and fenders. Even so, bring a change of clothes, it’s tough to leave intact.

Tip 12: Drive on right hand

The pedetres are accustomed to looking at the place where the cars and the cars don’t expect to find a bike coming in on the wrong side of a street. Think about safety.

Tip 13: No fighting.

Violence begets violence, be kind and polite. Enjoy the ride.