12 Tips on the Proper Use of School Backpack

Some basic health care are so simple that sometimes makes it difficult to understand why ignored them.

The best teacher is the one who also cherishes the autoeducação …

Inside of the problem-Initial Considerations.

Ideally, the child never carry anything more than 10% of your weight.

And there are kids carrying on his back, the weight of all the lessons of the school year, and that includes several textbooks, notebooks of various materials, case, schedule, and who knows what else, all this in the backpack, which looks more like a walking closet.

Doctors orthopedic surgeons are unanimous and recommend that the weight of the bag not exceeding 10% of the student’s body weight.

According to this logic, a 30-pound child shouldn’t carry a burden greater than 3 pounds on his back.

But, sometimes, the empty bag itself weighs more than a pound. And as schools embrace increasingly thick books, like that means quality didactic and cognitive excellence, this calculation or ideal weight becomes almost a myth.

Result of account? Back pain, lumbar and cervical regions, and dorsal scoliosis, which is a deformity in the spine difficult to be corrected later. Not to mention the severe headaches tension origin whose result is the drop in school performance, without an apparent cause.

To avoid the problem some essential tips should be followed. In this case there’s no point in giving a “jeitinho” and escape the rule because this supposed Act of cleverness will soon reveal himself as a tremendous sign of stupidity.

Anyway, here are some Tips on the proper use of the Backpack, to provide guidance to parents and educators.

  • The 4 or 5 years, the ideal is that the child use only a small lunch box or lunch box, and if necessary, a bag with wheels to carry the didactic material.
  • To 6, 7 years old, still recommends the bag on wheels, but it is possible to carry a backpack, since without a lot of weight.
  • At the age of 12, 13 years ago, the backpack is released, since within the criteria established, i.e. According to the rule of 10%.
  • But, to prevent the pain followed other undesired effects, it is necessary to be attentive to how the bag is used, starting with the size, which should never be greater than the length of the torso of the child.
  • The support should be done on the back and not in the lumbar region. It is important to use the handles on both shoulders, distributing the weight better Pack.
  • The straps need to be well adjusted so that the bag stay close to the shoulder. If the handles are long, there will be overhead in the neck, causing pain in the trapezius, which can radiate arm or climb up the neck causing muscle tension and headaches.
  • When the market is very low, reaching the height of the butt of the child, there is a significant overhead in the area of the lumbar lordosis – curved region, situated above the central part of the shoulders and the back of the neck, which causes muscle pain and headache.
  • When the child is with the backpack, she must bend your knees to lower instead of leaning your back folding.
  • Parents must be vigilant to complaint of back pain. Talk with the direction of the institution to solve the problem is a good idea.
  • Choose a lightweight backpack, which, when empty, don’t weigh more than a pound.
  • Backpacks with two straps must be predominant choices.
  • Note If the straps are padded and adjustable. Narrow cause compression straps on the shoulders, leaving the tense muscles, which will cause pain that will be spread in the back, neck and head.

And, finally …

Don’t be limited to this script. Review the tips and make adaptations; simplify your son’s life and get rid of future problems. And in the latter case always remember that if the school refuses to change posture in relation to the subject, change you attitude and change of school.