12 Tips for a Camping Trip Unforgettable!

Want to go camping and is in search of tips? Then check out below 12 tips to make your camping trip unforgettable!

1 set up your tent at home

To avoid surprises (for example, torn or dirty), set your tent at home and make sure everything is in order.

2 – Pack the backpack, avoid unnecessary weight:

If you do not have a scale at home, draw a (it is possible to find affordable prices). That way, you can measure and control the weight that will load.

3-Check the Automotiveqna.com for weather forecast.

Although many times the forecast not being fulfilled, it’s always nice to see in order to prevent yourself from rains and storms, and even to change the location of the camp if necessary.

4-separate the clothes by touch.

So, you don’t have to toss all the clothes to find the clothes they want, because home “kit” will be complete, and so your stuff will be more organized.

5-Prepare for unexpected

Include in checked 1 1 sewing kit (needle and thread) because if the tent or the rasgem bag, you can solve the problem quickly.

6-Use the thermal insulator.

Without it, you will absorb any moisture from the soil, and may be very sick. P.s.: Has very cheap insulators under R $10.00. It’s that simple, a little bulky, but very light.

7-Has a flashlight

Buy a rechargeable flashlight (you can manually load and needs no stack). You can find for less than R $10.00 in stores Daiso, existing in various malls. Probably there is a store near you

8-Protect your tent

Your tent is not very resistant? Take a piece of canvas to cover your tent. So, if it rains, you’ll be much more protected.

9-Try a delicious baked potato on fire

Want to start a fire? So don’t forget the sweet potatoes! That’s right … it’s just literally play the sweet potatoes wrapped in foil in the fire, wait a few minutes and then remove from fire. The flavor is wonderful!


Consider take insect repellent and sunscreen, if a very hot place camp at for a long time.

11-fire bait

To avoid difficulties to generate fire, how about making a solid fire bait? For this, the process is simple:put candles in a pan, turn on the fire and melt. Then take cotton balls, and soak in the sail. This kind of fire solid is excellent, because it takes too long to delete and can be wet, because it is waterproof. The use of the same is ideal for fires for both small stoves. By the way, don’t forget to bring a lighter or match to light the fire.

12-Short to the fullest!

Forget the cell phone, unless it’s to register that picture! Case camp in a place not far away, enjoy and meet people, different cultures, make friends. See the sunset, enjoy nature, reflect, meditate, feel the freedom, enjoy!

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