12 Men’s Watches With Affordable Price

It is common to hear that every man has to have a good wristwatch, in fact, not one, but 3 different styles to complement the visual casual, sporty and formal. It is also common to see people scared with the value of pieces of renowned brands, because some of them come easy to tens of thousands of dollars. But not only Swiss machinery complicated lives the market watch, there are some specimens accessible that may well meet your needs, without leaving aside the aesthetic issue. Select 10 options from the list below, maybe one of them did not conquer your Pocket?; )

1-Bulova with steel bracelet

This Bulova brand has steel bracelet and design clean and manly, the result of a partnership with the Harley-Davidson motorcycle manufacturer. Can be used with casual wear, and the bulky box looks better on who has big pulse.

Of R$919,00 by R$649,00 -Buy here!

2-Fossil with classic style

The leather bracelet and the display gives a classic touch to this model of the Fossil brand watches, bold young audience, and it is these features that allow it to be used with a marine suit or with a “business casual” attire, but remember to combine it with the shoe and the belt!

By R$629,00-Buy here!

3-Adidas canvas strap

If your style is more sporty, this Adidas canvas strap fits like a glove! Great to accompany him at the gym or in a run in the Park, it can also be used with casual attire, combining very well with jeans, denim jackets, shirts and casual shirts, just choose the combination.

For $400.00-Buy here!

4-steel Magnum with black ratchet

Another manly model and versatile! This Magnum has a sporty, mainly due to black ratchet, but isn’t over the top, making it a good companion both for leisure and for work with a comfortable clothing and aligned.

By R$399,90-Buy here!

5-Seculus Bracelet Exchange

The casual look to look sporty, this is the proposal of this Seculus watch that allows the exchange of your steel bracelet for one black, Silicon. The display gives the model a daring air, primarily on account of the chronograph and the vibrant Orange, yet the design is unobtrusive enough to work environment.

By R$559,90-Buy here!

6-Speedo with original design

If you want something different, this watch the Speedo has many chances to please you. The dark square dial with steel bracelet and let the box super charming model, moreover, two pieces of metal dark on the sides give distinctive finish to the model. But be careful, this is a great piece, ideal for those with large wrists and should be used only with casual clothes or sports.

From R $270.00 for R$176,00 -Buy here!

7-Dumont Bracelet Exchange

The brand name dial moon phase, day of the month and week, but the best of this Dumont is the fact could switch the bracelet when you want. To let visual sports steel, leather serves to compose a look.

By R$359,00-Buy here!

8-Baker black strap steel

The big box of steel and simple dial are a good option for those who want a basic and robust clock. The bracelet leather and imitates it might work out better than steel, because it blends well with the style of play. The value accessible makes this Backer even more interesting, especially if you need a strong piece to “grate” on a daily basis.

By R$179,90-Buy here!

9-the Converse modern

The geometry, the unusual display, silicone bracelet, this watch the Chat was created out of the common place. If you are seeking a copy to match your style stripped and young, found a good option! Use with a lot of jeans, sneakers and t-shirts preferably in moments of leisure.

R$576,00 by R$ R$399,99 of-buy now!

10-Mondaine leather strap in two options

There are two options: the black bracelet is classic, understated and elegant, the wine bracelet is current (the color is on the rise) and costs less than 100 real! So, which one to choose? It’s easy, you can use up to suit, the wine is great with a Twill blazer of course and a jeans or pants chino, just watch your style and your needs.

R$99,90 wine strap-Buy here!
Black strap R$139,90 by R$129,99-Buy here!

11-Brown steel Seculus

For those who enjoy steel watches, but is tired of the visual, there is the option of this Seculus where the metal was treated to stay with this copper appearance. The parruda box and the besel marked numbers give the model a style that lies between the sophisticated and aggressive, serving to walk or work looks where the casual pieces mixing with other slightly more aligned.

By R $259.00-Buy here!

12-basic and classic Mondaine

When you thought that there would be a cheaper watch on this list, this classic look and basic Mondaine, ideal for any environment and that combines with almost everything! Of course, there is a luxurious and sophisticated, but it’s great for anyone who wants a companion to stop and for those days when you want to look simple and stripped. Oh, and he resists up to 30 m under water.

Of R$69,90 by R$62,90-Buy here!

Note: these pieces were chosen taking into consideration design, style and value. As we could not test one by one, we can’t say in quality or durability, but you can search the site from manufacturers to learn the technical details of each watch and make your choice according to your needs.