11 May Do You Like Watches?

Because of the Casio FW-91 that my uncle gave me when I was a monkey I do not get along very well with the needle watches, I always end up fighting to know the time the watch says, however, I’m in love with the watches.

They seem to me a decorative element with which you can play too much and that of anything you can make a watch. For example, in the Bouf online store you  can find a watch made with a vinyl for a rather curious music lover. I would do it by hand, but for the weakest you can buy it there.

Another type of watch that you could build for yourself for your houses is the one I found in Delikatissen. Mixing with the previous post on the slate walls it occurs to me to place the machinery of a clock in a wall with texture of slate and to draw the numbers with chalk and to change the appearance of the clock whenever it appeals to us.

To avoid my problem with the needle watches my mother could have placed an original watch in my room. You can find a lot of original watches, all of them like the previous ones, that you can make one with your own hands. The butterfly shaped is ideal for a nursery for girls, but to be honest, I think that with that clock in my house would still have my problem with needles. The other watch I leave for you to see can be placed as we please and forming the way we want with the numbers, which are inscribed in round pieces of wood.

Soon I will leave you here more original watches that, as you can see, may be decorative elements quite curious and can be worked by hand even if they do not look like it. Finally I leave another watch, which with a thin belt of woman used to be able to hang it from the wall, is a pretty elegant watch for a living room or the entrance of a house. I keep getting the first one on a slate textured wall.

Pd: I am going to leave the clock that we have in our room my brother and I so that you see, that my problem with the needles of the clock could not be solved with him because the needles are very small … to say something. A hug!!!