10 Tricks for Women Who Like a Very Natural Makeup

Simple, easy-to-follow tips can help you achieve a nifty look without overdoing your makeup

One of the most important things for anyone who wants a natural makeup, but without using base or other creamy products that call attention and accumulate on the face, is to take good care of the skin.

Taking seriously the tips of good nutrition, sun care, sunblock use and healthy water consumption, your skin will not necessarily need makeup to look good.

When you want to self- adjust and be a bit more tidy than without any makeup, a good alternative is to focus on the eyes and hide some spots or dark circles.If your skin looks beautiful, giving prominence to lashes and eyebrows and being with lips with a natural coloring tone is more than enough.

Here are some tips to make yourself minimally and achieve a natural and beautiful result:

1. Fill the eyebrows sometimes enough

But use an eyebrow pencil or a suitable shade for filling.No black or 6B pencils.

2. Instead of base, use BB cream or sunscreen with color

These products have a smaller coverage and therefore leave the face with a more natural appearance.Keep an eye on oiliness, especially on summer days, these products are not made for long-lasting.

3. Good layers of eyelash mask already make all difference

Take the test one day: zero makeup or just a mask.And you will see how much a product just makes a lot of difference.

4. Another idea is to use only a concealer under the dark circles instead of face makeup all over

Do you have any spots that bother you? Leave the base aside and bet on the correction only of places that need a touch up.

5. Some primers improve the appearance of the skin without covering it

There are primers that regulate the skin, softening the marks and also some that lessen the redness.In many cases, their use is enough and helps to dispense with the base.

6. Mix base with moisturizer to make it more natural on the skin

This is a good idea for those who do not have BB cream and want a little lighter coverage.But do not use any moisturizer, it has to be of face and preferably not oily.

7. Bet on neutral lip stains or just a lip moisturizer

Products for the lips in neutral tones, but colored, are a good choice to give color to the mouth without attracting attention.In that case, a matte finish lip stain or even a lip moisturizer will do.

8. Another tip is to put only false eyelashes in the eyes, with a slight outline

False eyelashes and nothing else.Makes all the difference, you can test!(I.e.

9. Apply thermal water on the skin to leave the makeup more natural

After applying a slightly heavier makeup, such as a complete make with base, apply the thermal water so that the products are more adhered to the skin and the most natural finish.

10. Use the eyelash curler to highlight eyelashes without wearing make-up

The eyelash curler does not change anything in the size or color of the eyelashes, it just raises them, leaving them more beautiful and flashy.It pays off for warmer days when you do not want to wear a mask.

Did you see how it is possible to wear very little makeup and get a legal result?Now just adopt your favorite tips day by day and be naturally more beautiful.