10 Tips for Choosing The Most Appropriate Toys

The Christmas season always arises doubt about how to choose appropriate toys.Sometimes we don’t have in mind some important factors at the time ofSelect Toys and we focus solely on fashion, technology or the price and lose the perspective that a good toy must meet a series of requirements so that it does not become an object that children get bored within a few days.

Why we offer 10 tips useful, practical and effective for Christmas (or anytime of the year) you choose the best toys for the younger members of the household. Finally you be right!

  1. We must not forget that the children learn through play.
  1. Checks that are manufactured with certified materials, non-toxic and which parts are suitable for the age of the minor (mostly size).
  1. Age-appropriate. If the toy is for more elderly could feel frustrated, or if on the contrary it is a toy for little ones it will not motivate you and soon abandon it. Toys must develop their skills and be consistent with your pace of learning.
    You remember which are the most appropriate according to each age toys, so here you have a useful guide:

For children from 0 to 3 yearsfor children 3 to 6 years

For children 6 to 8 years

For children from 9 to 12 years

  1. Adapted to the tastes and personality of the child. We must listen to their tastes, preferences, what is given him well.
  1. That they encourage and promote creativity. Motivation (never better said) plays a fundamental role. If they feel stimulated, if they overcome challenges and if you wake up the desire to play, we will have taken on the nail!
  1. Toys to play with others and thus encourage to share.
  1. Cause curiosity or their desire to inquire into and investigate what the world offers. For example, gardening games or the of Learn how to cook.
  1. Avoids stereotypes. Car games are not only of children or for dolls girls unicamete. Leaves play, that decide what fancy them beyond preconceived ideas. The important thing is you have fun and they communicate.
  1. That can play with them. That is fun for adults and children, suitable for the whole family. Children appreciate a lot all the time which we enjoyed with them, our company enriches les and the game is a special moment in which to share and learn together.
  1. That develop skills. If paint like or are especially skilled in using building games, it is a good idea that you choose a toy of this type. Remember that building games have many benefits in children.