10 Tips For Buying Your First Blazer

When buying the first blazer always arise questions about trim, details, colours and fabrics, the 10 tips below we hope to let our readers more comfortable on that occasion. The most important thing is to know that for your first purchase a discreet and versatile piece will break your branch, then with more options in your closet, you can afford to purchase more striking and stylish pieces.

1 – Fabric – the cold wool blazer seems a wise choice, the fabric is cool in summer and warm in winter, i.e. can be used in any weather conditions;

2-patterns and prints -tissue patterns or prints are more discreet and easy to combine;

3-Lapels -thin are more detached and are best if you want to use it also on an informal occasion, rounded look of ballad, therefore, less advisable;

4-Trim -acinturadas Molds let you slim, but if the extra pounds are left choose a model with straight cut;

5-Pockets -Pockets with or without lapels are just a matter of taste, choose what pleases you;

6-colors -the versatile as black, dark gray and Navy Blue go well with almost anything and are suitable for all occasions;

7-Buttons –as I have said on other occasions, three buttons draw attention to the face and are most suitable for the fatties, 2 buttons or even 1 button form an arrow straight to your belly, so there isn’t much volume there;

8-Mangoes -the sleeve length is the same suit jacket, she must finish in the bone of the wrist, leaving a bit of shirt cuff shows;

9-Details -Piping, military insignia, martingales, elbow pads and metal buttons call much attention and leave the playdate, which is not advisable if you have to use it twice in a row;

10-Combinations -Vary the parts that come with the blazer can give a totally different air to it. Plain shirt and tie fall more to the formal, knitwear, t-shirts and even already sweatshirts are ideal for relaxing situations.

In Short

A black blazer, dark grey or Navy, no prints, patterns or exaggerated details can be used in various occasions and accepts all kinds of combination, from classic to modern, just have insight and know when to use a particular look.