10 Signs That You Are Pregnant From A Boy

It will be a boy or a girl, this is the question that the pregnant woman most often hears during the first stages of pregnancy, and the parents themselves long to know to start buying the baby’s trousseau.

10 Signs That You Are Pregnant From A Boy

Most parents only know that they will have a boy or a girl after 20 weeks of gestation, although some doctors give a hint at the 13 week echo, especially if it is a boy.

The baby’s gender can only be confirmed through echo or a specific blood test, but there are some signs that it may indicate that you are pregnant with a boy, it is not scientific at all but it is fun to take the test and then confirm if it was right.

10 signs that you are pregnant with a boy

Belly shape

According to older people, the tummies of pregnant women differ depending on the gender of the baby, if the belly pain rises more and more pointed has strong chances of being pregnant with a boy.

Cutlery test

Another very simple test to do, hides in different cushions a fork and a spoon, without the expectant mother to see. The mother should choose one of the cushions, if she chooses the cushion where the fork is, it will be a boy.

Salty foods

They say that pregnant women of boys feel more desires to eat salty foods.

Temperature of the feet

The older ones usually believe that if the woman gets her feet colder than before the pregnancy is waiting for a boy.

Chinese table

There is a Chinese table in which the pregnant woman should look for the date of conception of the baby and her age at conception date, cross the data and see the color of the corresponding square, if it is pink will have a girl, if it is blue will have a boy.

Glass and needle

Fill half a glass with water, thread on a sewing needle and in line, thread the thread through the needle and grasp the ends. Position the needle and the line in the center of the glass without touching the water. If the needle starts to sway and touch the sides of the glass, it’s a boy.


Look closely at the skin on your face if it becomes drier than before a pregnant child is pregnant.


With pregnancy the breasts undergo transformations, look in the mirror, if the right breast is bigger than the left is pregnant with a boy.


You are pregnant with a boy if you prefer to eat the bread crust instead of the crumb.


You are pregnant with a boy if you dream that you are going to be the mother of a girl.

Boy or girl, the most important is that the baby is healthy and that the pregnancy is accompanied by specialized professionals.