10 Reasons for Fiorucci Style

The Fiorucci store in Piazza San Babila, in Milan, has influenced generations. Launched trends, has created a parallel world in technicolor and made us happier.
Fiorucci is going for a breath of fresh air. In Piazza San Babila, in place of the mega store, the store Fiorucci has attracted fleets of lost youth to the mecca of happiness. Gathering of Paninaro in the 80s, has been able to surf the waves of fashion without ever falling.

  1. Elio Fiorucci invented the concept store. A place inspired by bazaars and markets around the way in which feed on modernity and innovation. Styles, colors and scents merged into a single sensory esperanto.
  2. Go to Fiorucci even just to look at, say, doing window shopping, it was inspiring, enriching and therapeutic. Also empty-handed he came out of the store with a smile.
  3. From Fiorucci we learned about exotic cultures, customs and especially the costumes, of distant peoples. And in an instant he was gone around the world. The Babush Moroccan? Here they are! The revised African baskets? We have it. The socks with Japanese fingers? As well. And Mexican enamelled dish drainer? Ohh yes.
  4. It drew on the eyes even with the clerks. Belli and clothes as fashionable as a transfer to Manhattan.
  5. Emergency gift? From Fiorucci a problem so it was a guaranteed solution. With humor and genius he is always remedied something delicious with which to make a great impression. Word of Fiorucci Shopper.
  6. That scent of bubble gum. Mr. Elio Fiorucci, before others, had sensed the power of sensory experiences as a plus shopping tout court. He chose candy and sugary fragrances or mystical and intriguing on the basis offered for sale trend.
  7. Search for the intruder…The store spaces were labyrinthine, greedy and brimming with wonderful pieces, large and tiny, unique and curious, and for this reason… some not for sale. Objects and personal decorations of Fiorucci and its very respectable buyers could find scattered there, behind the crates, the bottom of the niches with clothes, hung on the walls: we poor mortals we have made ??some real diseases. And perhaps it was also the right thing, we learned to feed the desire, beautiful and impossible.
  8. The idea of kitsch according Fiorucci has also completely changed our. Better to have in the kitchen in plain view a Chinese thermos of 40 cm pea green with pink flamingo who do not have it? As if to say: impossible to resist the allure of kitsch.
  9. When in the mid-80s convinced of the New York graffiti artist Keith Haring to decorate entirely with the spray around the store, and when I write entirely mean every centimeter of the store, the performance of street art has become pop. And the below text recited: Fiorucci passes only the best.
  10. Finally, the Fiorucci jeans: we have made ??more beautiful, fit and sexy.