10 Projects to Recycle Shoe Boxes

We are sure that you have accumulated a few. Shoe boxes They are handy for storing small items, but also for many other things.Now you have 10 DIY projects you can do from a shoebox.
Many times in local markets are lots and lots of boxes on the ground ending in a container, in the best of cases, blue. But in reality is very much what you can do with an old box. And after Christmas I no longer tell you the amount of trash we make between food and packaging, what a shame of planet!

Watch these idea that we have found on the website of zipcodesexplorer.com: 10 DIY projects recycled shoe boxes.

1. a gift box

We already told you last week that did not spend too much to make a nice gift. A good idea are the baskets in which give the content for a unique breakfast, or an afternoon relax with bath and you cremate…
Really important thing is that it is something that has a meaning for which you give it, and form a set. And the base as it could not be of another way may be a nice box of shoes that can be lined with a cool cloth, or just paper.
Do you remember how decorating with doilies? You can also use them to decorate the exterior.

2. an organizer for your office

The shoes can be the perfect container, and as separators use rolls of toilet paper, for example. You can organize pens, paints, colors, or even your makeup or grooming products.

3. a canvas

Lids of shoe boxes can be a great canvas. Cover lid with scrapbooking paper, gift or even printable paper that you find. It can be a fun way to decorate a wall at a great price.

4. decorative shelves

Paint the outside of the box of a color and the interior of another, then hangs box to the wall with the most suitable mounting system. If what you put inside it weighs, you can even use the new wall generic lipitor made by pfizer stickers that leave no trace, because they don’t have any holes.


5 beautiful basket

To decorate your bedside table or a corner of the living room. You can line a box with hot silicone and a bit of rope, and also used some scrap of fabric to cover it. It has no mystery, and the result is amazing.


6. a Cabinet

If you like to collect postcards, stickers or anything flat and small, you can manufacture yourself with a box a Cabinet.

7. a tape dispenser

If you love tapes of all kinds to decorate your packages or you like sewing, you can make you a dispenser with a box. That if you remember to fix a washer to each hole to make it easier to remove every tape. Now there will be no more tangles!
8 make a chalkboard

You’ll only need the lid of the box and some chalkboard paint. At home we are very fans of this painting, because you have such as decorate the walls of the House with them, and also how to paint my kitchen appliances. Now we’re going to make some beautiful boards which can be great in your events, or simply to decorate a corner of your House.

9. a football for kids

I don’t know your children, but my drive me crazy when they get to play football all over the room. With this idea they can enjoy one of their favorite sports without breaking anything and almost quietly.Take a look at the incredibly easy image and fun.

10. a box of puppets

Similar to the above. This time we are going to make some puppets that dance inside a box. Another quick and easy craft that we can do together with children.


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