10 Looks Breathtaking in the Parade of Marchesa – NYFW!

The New York fashion week-Fall 2016-started already at the end of our Carnival, but as soon as I fixed a trip super delicious and I ended up leaving that subject in the background. I was watching the winter collections and I couldn’t help but comment on the parade of the Marchesa that NYFW–it’s been a while since I’ve seen a show so beautiful, so full of precious stones and with a beauty so amazing! The brand is one of my favorites for party dresses by wealth in the details, like the innovative modeling and the combination of fabrics.

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I noticed that in the parade of Marchesa had a super mix of textures this season-from feathers to embroidered with plush-often used in the same piece, which gives a charming effect. I was in love for fluid fabrics in tails and sleeves, since the body adjusted and full of precious stones, the formula of success of the brand for many years, however, reinvented in this collection. I separated my 10 favorite looks for you, come sighing with me!!

How about starting with this dress Mermaid model in transparent tulle with a vastness of embroidered flowers-although fully transparent is not–on the contrary, super stylish! Modern Princessdress, especially combined with this mix of necklaces, Crown and maxi-brinco! Here, more is more!!

For me, this is a maxi-colar in the form of dress! Long time since I’ve seen a setting as rich as this one!! I like not only the work of pedrarias, but also of fringes and this detail fluid that gives the impression of a long vest-piece that is super trendy in collections of ready-to-wear.

If you have a model in a dress that looks good for almost all types of bodies is this: short sleeves, body adjusted and rather fluid. I loved the flowers fringes of fabric across skirt-give movement to the dress and a playfulair, perfect for parties of 15 years.

cocktail dress to the event of the century! I was in love with the feathers coming out of embroidery , already the cinto wide fabric resembles the moorings of Japanese kimonos and get the look completely.

When you think you’ve seen everything in this parade, the flowers with texture plush–super fluffy, give an extra movement to the dress. The shoulder-to-shoulder neckline is in vogue and Bell sleeves lend an air of elegant peasant!

Little black nothing basic!! I can see Angelina Jolie wearing that dress on the red carpet, or Sofia Vergara at the Oscars next week. Mega slot and neckline shoulder to shoulder with distinguished the fabric flowers, give volume to shoulders and balances the silhouette if your body is pear or hourglass.

Of every parade, I think this might be the dress more “accessible” to send to the seamstress. Ideal for the exchange of station, the long sleeves are stylish and the skirt is a classic. Already the appliqué and embroidery give all the charm.

A dress worthy of Princess of tulle and voil-is exaggerated and unbelievable for a red carpet, even without showing the body is sexy on the color right?

When I say that the mix of fabrics is one of the highlights of the parade of Marchesa, that dress sets all: elegant, classic, cake-like, but still plays the game of structure versus fluidity. Imagine white in color and without this maxi-colar–perfect for a bride!

Finally, one of my favorite dresses of all collection because it unites the transparency of tulle, embroideries, appliques of flowers and this idea that resembles a vest overlaid. I think modern, elegant, Ethereal, I want!!

What’s your favorite dress?

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