10 in The Kitchen Backsplash Ideas–You’ll Love

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I’m very well! And today I bring a very interesting subject, the backsplash. Did I ever tell you about here on the blog what it is and what it’s for, if you ever see this post it’s time to check in the Kitchen Backsplash ideas. If you haven’t seen you go check it out and then come back here.

Knowing what it is we can proceed with the tips,separated 10 backsplash ideas in the kitchen cool. You can do without difficulty and not need an expert to place.Of course, depending on the material you will be using and put you will need some knowledge. In addition, each type of material requires different materials.

In The Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

You can have a more common backsplash, but can also do something different and more innovative. I’m going to show you 10 options, so you will have many ideas. Check out each one and choose your Favorites. It’s good to remember that she must combine with the rest of the decoration, so pay attention to this detail too.

Stone-Use a stone as a backsplash can be a good option, there is a huge variety of stones, I spoke on this subject here on the blog. This is a more expensive option, so you need to think about it.

Glass-The idea here is to put a colored glass and not transparent. Your backsplash is going to have a different style and more cheerful, because you can choose the color you want.

Mirror-This is one of my favorites, imagine how beautiful a mirror backsplash? Is wonderful.

Tile- Remember what I’ve told what is Tile? The tile is also a great option, look different and beautiful.

Tile that mimics wood – The wood may not be a good option, because this is a place that wet. But you can put something that mimics wood.

Gum-She is the most common, many people opt for gum. But even being common, you can find a very large diversity of gum and can leave your kitchen quite different and original.

Aluminum plate- I cited the aluminum plate, but can also be something that mimics the aluminum plate, is interesting and beautiful.

Wallpaper–Can? Yes, but there’s always that detail that won’t last as long as the others. There are vinyl and washable wallpapers that have a resin. In addition, you can apply an acrylic resin after placing the paper on the wall.

Tile Adhesive-As well as the wallpaper adhesive won’t last that long, you can drop the berradinhas. The trick is to use the acrylic resin for help in protection. The good news is he’s not that expensive and can be changed when sick.

Subway Tiles-I’m in love with this kind of tile and looks great as a backsplash.

Backsplash Inspirations

Now that you’ve seen the 10 in the Kitchen Backsplash ideas, let’s check the images, separated some of which I cited above for you to check out. That way it’s easier to visualize what conferred and decide more easily.

What did you think? Each one nicer than the other is not?Now just choose your favorite and put into practice. If you have any questions leave your comment I can help.