10 Fashion Myths that You Should Not Believe

Every day renews your battle with fashion? Relax, there are some myths to debunk and you should not believe.

  1. MYTH: Some clothes will look good only if you are tall and thin.
    If something do not like it, 99 times out of 100 is because the size is wrong or because the style is simply not yours. Argue that a type of clothing – whether it’s wide leg pants, crop tops or any other type of dress – is only good on some high and lean, is a superficial attitude. You’re not really considering the dress, but you rely only on toxic myth of a perfect body.

Every body is different: if a pair of pants look normal on Karlie Kloss you can not turn into a potato sack worn by someone else. Still remain a pair of pants. End of the story.

  1. MYTH: The large prints work on large sizes, small prints on small ones.
    REALITY: Another great version of the myth number 1. And as the myth number 1, is a total hoax. A good press is good press, in size 38 and size 48. It also includes horizontal lines.
  2. MYTH: You pay for what it’s worth.
    REALITY: The price is not necessarily an indicator of quality. Companies do not charge anything for the actual value: apply a price based on what they think that people are willing to pay. So really, it’s up to you to understand the difference between what is true and what is not a figure is worth it. The first step is being able to distinguish an economic leader by what it is not, whether it is clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags. After you have to educate your eye to tell the difference between material and design of high and low quality. It is not easy, but if your main concern is make the most of the money, then it’s worth it.
  3. MYTH: The glasses are not sexy.
    REALITY: Come on! The glasses can be sexy or unsexy. It depends on how you want them to be. They are like any other accessory. The secret is in how you take them.
  4. MYTH: You should spend a lot for your wedding dress according to GradPhysics.
    REALITY: Of course, it is a special day and the dress medicament lipitor effet secondaire must be up. You can, and must, do the thing you think is more just. Spend a fortune but serves more to who sells you the dress of what does not serve you.
  5. MYTH: You should adapt your clothing on a particular leader.
    REALITY: Even though it’s a good idea to use simple and neutral leaders to balance a bolder leader, should not be limited to just one every time highlight. To avoid the effect clowns just spreading the colors well.
  6. MYTH: To create a very feminine silhouette, you must tighten the waist.
    REALITY: The belts delineate you alive and help to highlight your curves. True. But there is no need to wear something that stritoli you to have an hourglass figure or a particularly feminine look. You can use blocks of color to create the illusion of more accentuated curves and a short jacket or a top will draw attention to your waistline.
  7. MYTH: You should invest in timeless classics, not trends.
    REALITY: You should spend more on clothes that you like and would use more willingly. In addition, the “classics” such as trench coats, black and a dark dress pump will always be there. If you spend a lot of money for those, you’ll need to replace them when they are old and you’ll be a woman destroyed.
  8. MYTH: You should show a bare hand or neck or leg. On both points it is not elegant.
    REALITY: The lack of elegance is more related to the way of doing and behaving. Not how much skin it shows. Think of Rihanna, for example: her dress to the CFDA Awards was practically transparent. Despite all someone has thought it was the most elegant and sophisticated outfits I’ve ever worn. In short, he won the prize at low hands for the best look of the evening.
  1. MYTH: High heels are much more sophisticated than flat shoes.
    REALITY: Go to any shoe store and you’ll find a bunch of heels that debunk this myth. We want to talk about the shoes with the plateau? True, heels correct posture and the way you walk, but you can change your posture without increasing heel centimeters. Shoulders back, chin up, chest out: this is what you need. You can also do it barefoot.