10 Essential Accessories for the Recent Man

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? 🙂 OOPS, Jeez, good Friday, this week was shorter still, right, because of the holiday haha But here in male Fashion the gig not to and for today I talk about Male Accessories Indispensable to our daily lives, that we must have for various occasions, various events that we need to go. Bora pro post view, in particular, all this? GO \o

I don’t really like to use the term Modern Man or Current Man but we cannot ignore that it is true, we live in a crazy rush, we need to be in multiple places in the same day, Work, school, College, Meeting, Happy Hour, graduation, wedding, barbeque, travel, eiiiiiiiita! And how to dress for all that? Our pocket hold? haha good tip I always give to face this battle daily is good Male Accessories available, because they can give a different touch to the same look, according to each occasion.
Exemplifying quickly:
If you are with a white shirt, you need to go to a more formal meeting, puts a tie, a belt so that the visual changes completely. After that meeting, go straight to College? Take your tie off, roll up your sleeve, let the bracelets appear, opens the first button and get your Backpack, that look already looks more casual. Anyway, you understand a little bit the concept? haha
Thinking about this Hint of accessories completing very well, being our friends on a daily basis, I called my partners of the Men’s Market, online store specializing in Products for men, to put together this list with me, so we select 10 accessories that are essential for pro day to day Man. So let’s take a look at team?
Also we put some cool suggestions of Men’s products for each category, just click on the pictures or on the links, closed? GO \o
1) Backpack or Purse

Old backpack, ripped, dropping the pieces, there is no condition, huh? A Backpack or a purse cool can change a visual, can complete the look or to be highlight of the production. And a versatile attachment option serves to work, pro course, for weekend travel, anyway, it’s worth too much to invest in 01 or 02 backpacks of respect!
For anyone interested in this topic, just Click HERE to see the post of Backpacks in high for 2016.
the) Backpack Malmo Road Black

  1. b) Key Design Light Grey Backpack Backpack
  2. c) Malmo Urban Backpack Khaki

2) Wallet

Follows the same idea of Backpacking often or call our Wallet, we left full of things, money, note, card, all torn, dirty. Imagine you taking it out of your pocket on a date, to pay for a cup of coffee to a customer, to a friend, you can’t, right? Worth the investment in a good Portfolio, that meets the needs of everyday life.
the) Wallet Malmo Dotted Coffee

  1. b) Wallet Key Design Wallet Black
  2. c) Card holder Malmo Panamby Coffee

3) Hat

Bad Hair Day! Who never woke up with the hair, late, without time to get right. In these hours the Hat saves your life haha but also to complete the visual or be featured in day to day, the CAP is very parceirasso man during the whole life. Especially now, with the high mixing Casual with formal Parts, the Hat can go very well in various looks, for various occasions.
the) Cap Malmo Black

  1. b) Birden Cap Snapback Tamam Bali
  2. c) Male slumber Cap All Fucking Blue Jeans

4) Clock

This, to me, is an accessory you can’t be without, I watch EVERY DAY, for any occasion, serious haha If I go out without wearing a watch, it looks like I’m naked. Not to mention that can transform a basic look, dull, in a very well balanced production, especially, focus, centerpiece, anyway, watch is life LOL
the) Heritage Watch Timex Analog Sport Black

  1. b) Clock Malmo Lynx
  2. c) Timex Sports Digital Heritage

5) Belt

As I said in the example up there, to a more formal production, you can’t use a belt old, peeling, all marked. If the belt is going to be apparent, it must be aligned with your vision, or even if he’s not going to be featured in the piece look, 1 sooner or later he’s going to show up. So it’s worth the investment, right?
the) Oriba double-sided Belt

  1. b) Malmo Matte Leather Belt Coffee
  2. c) Key Design Belt Belt Black

6) Tie

Not only for a wedding, Church, a Graduation or a party of 15 years, but the tie is a male enhancement can be part of our day to day, how about a meeting? Or so to go get a job and a little visual, with a slim tie well aligned, stamped or colored. Bora use team?
the) Slim Black Geometric Tie

  1. b) Slim Green Camouflage Tie
  2. c) Slim Red Checkered Tie

7) sunglasses

Here you don’t even have to talk, right? Can you live without dark glasses? I cannot haha and protecting against the Sun’s rays, he can be the highlight of your look, really different, or complete the look very well. And is an accessory for every occasion, right? For outdoor events, you will always be able to use it, according to the model.
the) sunglasses AoA Versailles

  1. b) sunglasses Livo Louis Black Solar
  2. c) Glasses Yeva Starwood Bamboo wood Brown

8) Necklaces

I use paste in my day to day, especially when viewed a basic T-shirt is almost an obligation for me to put this Accessory to complete a production. He can also balance very well the look, help stretch the visual or soften the neck region. A very versatile Accessory option, see \o
the) Key Design Necklace Gross

  1. b) Paste Malmo Niara Brown
  2. c) Key Design Necklace Ivy Rose Gold

9) Bracelets

I think the bracelets are the accessories that I spoke here in male Fashion in the history of the Blog, so it could not include in this list, huh? haha Big option to complement and highlight the look, another item that I can’t live without, I think balances the region handles.
the) Bracelet Malmo Hematite with Onyx

  1. b) Key Design Kit Earth Style
  2. c) Bracelet Malmo Tijuca

10) key chain

And to close this TOP 10, this list of Indispensable Male Accessories, we have the locksmith, another item that often don’t care much, but it makes all the difference. Do you prefer a nice Keychain, worked with application, some extra functionality? Or that old keychain that came with the key? Or aiiiiiiiiinda what you have gained from your city councilman candidate? haha
the) Locksmith Malmo Black

  1. b) Keychain bottle opener of Men’s

EAE team, what do you think of the list? Enjoyed the 10 Male Accessories that separate? And options? Do you use any other than quote? Leave your opinions here in comments \o