10 Clothes Can Be Worn During and After Pregnancy

Learn how to reuse pregnant clothes and stay stylish and comfortable with ten key pieces

When a woman gets pregnant, then she thinks she’s going to have to buy a new wardrobe, with parts that can accommodate the belly. However, some clothing that already have in the closet can be used during pregnancy and others, purchased to use with the belly, can be used afterwards.
All parts that pregnant women have before pregnancy can be used during the gestational period, as long as taking into consideration their modeling. For the image consultant, Juliene Teixeira, the important thing is that the pregnant woman is comfortable in the first place.
“Very fair clothing, it may be undesirable in these circumstances,” explains the consultant to avoid very small clothing from before pregnancy. “In the first few months, before the belly starts to grow, you can adapt some parts, yes.”
Already those parts that the pregnant woman buys exclusively to use in the months when the belly becomes larger, at the end of the pregnancy, can be adapted to use afterwards, when she loses her belly. “Small adjustments, made by a breed apart seamstress, can transform a play. You have to take into consideration, if it’s worth it, and if the play’s going to be perfect. Otherwise, you should donate them to whomever you use, “Juliene’s opinion.

The 10 pieces you can use both in pregnancy and after it

The consultant Juliene made a list of ten pieces that can be used during and after pregnancy and that probably already has in the closet before even getting pregnant. These pieces are great because they accommodate the belly and leave the woman with a lot of style.


The legging pants is already a classic in any pregnant wardrobe. For its elasticity and its comfort, the play looks great even when the belly is very large. The legging is also easily used after pregnancy. Today, the play no longer has a gym and features a variety of styles and models.

2. Pants

The wide pant is another comfortable trousers and that can be used during pregnancy and after belly. For having the legs quite ample, it does not hinder the moments when they swell during the gestational period. Besides, the wide pant has a lot of style and looks great for any woman.

3. Children

Surely the gown is always a great ally of the pregnant women. For its extensive modeling in the belly, it is possible to use it throughout the pregnancy. Some models still value the silhouette being more fair in the breast and loose from there. The gown is also easily incorporated into the wardrobe for after pregnancy, because its modeling does not influence the size of the belly.


Knitted blouses are basic and help in time to create combinations. For pregnant women, the tissue is ideal for the time that the belly grows. After pregnancy, the piece can be used everyday, creating great looks with more striking pieces.


The dresses in general are perfect for the gestational moment, as they do not create obstacles when the belly becomes larger. If the modeling is wide, even better, it will serve quietly during the nine months of pregnancy. After the belly, the dress can be used with a belt to set the woman’s silhouette.


The long skirt Besides being stylish, is also a piece that can be used during and after pregnancy. With the big belly, just accommodate the skirt a little down. For having elastic on the waist, she doesn’t get in the way and doesn’t make the pregnant woman uncomfortable. After pregnancy, you just incorporate the play into your looks.


The cardigan is a piece that every wardrobe should have. Besides being able to use it during and after pregnancy, it’s great for those undefined weather days. When the belly is big, use it open.


To increase any look, the blazer is the ideal piece. During pregnancy, as well as the cardigan, use it open. Colorful Blazers help any look more stylish. At the end of the pregnancy, the blazer is another piece that goes back to being used normally.


The jacket follows the same idea of the two items above. It can be used both during pregnancy and later, without needing any adaptation. For being basic, it goes well in any style and looks good on any woman.


Nothing better than a powerful accessory to make any woman prettier. No influence on the belly size can be used before, during and after pregnancy. Maxi necklace, colorful earrings and various rings are great for enhancing the look.

Where to buy?

You don’t have any of those parts you want to buy. Below a gallery with the products and tips to acquire already!

Valuable tips that every pregnant woman needs to know

For the consultant Juliene, the very comfortable trousers are a wildcard in the wardrobe of the pregnant women. “With a view that the legs may be swollen and not always the woman will want to exhibit them during that period, the trousers are a good option.”
Some parts can be purchased for the time of pregnancy, which helps in the time of dressing. Today, there are many shops options that offer clothing for pregnant women with a lot of style. “In the gestational period, a party may arise and the pregnant woman can invest in a more adjusted gown and a jump, for example.” Wrap dress, calculated its mesh blouse and with modern footprint and wide pant are pieces that woman can buy during gestational period.
It is also important to always take into consideration the style of the pregnant woman. “The important thing is to keep your identity, abusing creativity, not forgetting to value your strengths, use colours in the looks and do not dismiss the accessories. Comfortable modeling and natural fabrics, it’s my tip, “orients juliene.

Looks to use during and after pregnancy

Four looks have been assembled with the key pieces suggested by the image consultant, Juliene Teixeira. Check out the following and inspire yourself to assemble your looks:


With the wide pant and the mesh blouse you can assemble a relaxed and very stylish look. Cap with Maxi earring and heel shoe with platform to get more comfortable.


Long skirt and knitted T-shirts can leave the look with a more youthful and super comfortable face. Complement with a cardigan to acinturar silhouette and shoes without jumping.


Long dress is super comfortable, values the silhouette of the pregnant and makes the look very feminine. Bet on the jacket to complement the look and purse and shoe to highlight your style.


With the pants legging and the gown, the look is the face of the pregnant woman. To make more stylish, choose a colorful legging and a very charming gown. Take advantage of also using a powerful accessory, such as necklace, and a bootie to leave the most current look.
To facilitate the time of dressing, the pregnant woman can reorganize the wardrobe to better view it before the parts she will use during pregnancy. “The idea is to take out everything that is not serving in this period and leave visible only the appropriate parts for its routine,” advises the consultant.
The Jaquetinha that was forgotten, can go back to the surface and be used with the broad dress, to help mark the silhouette. “Professional help can be helpful in order to elect what really worth keeping in the wardrobe. The important thing is not to let it accumulate parts that will not use more, rotting in the closet, “scores juliene.
Parts with elastane and Strech are great for the gestational period, as they accommodate the belly. It is also important to note that each pregnant woman has her biotype and thus a certain piece will fall better in a physical type. “The hint is not to flee your style, keep your personality. Elaborating in productions is a word of order. Staying feminine, transmitting joy, has everything to do with this phase of hormones in full action, “concludes the consultant.