10 Classic Boots for Winter

The last two weeks have clearly made us reminded that late summer heat is definitely over. But instead of moping about it, we look at the ability to update the shoe closet with the winter’s most important footwear: winter hiking boots.

According to Whicheverhealth, boots are if you ask us not only practical and warm. It’s also a darned good looking shoe model to wear, for example, a suit in the winter. Select a stylish boots in calfskin or Cordovan and a trouser with a little wider foot width and you have a perfect alternative to a dressy oxford.

In sulväg it is clearly some kind of rubber sole that is preferred when the lädersulade boots may be nice but makes itself clearly better in a syditalienskt winter climate than on the often snow-or regntäckta.

If you want a little more casual sense so we think the model of Judphurs, Chelsea and Chukkas are perfect for a couple, for example, råjeans or manschetterbyxor.

Below we have selected 10 favorites for the season in a little different price range.

Additionally “101477”

Edward Green “Galway”

Edward Green’s classic boot Galway in dark brown grainskinn.

John Lobb “Abbott”

A fantastic Jodphur boot from John Lobb who make perhaps the best on dry streets during fall and spring, and a pair of blue jeans.

Alden “M5807H”

Full Brogue-boot from American Alden in snuff suede.

Carmina “80092”

Balmoral-boot in Cognac Brown from Carmina Cordovanskinn in Spanish.

Crockett & Jones Coniston Navy ”

Crocketts classic boot Coniston in Navy Blue grainskinn.

Yanko “Balmoral Boot”

Yanko sold through are always offers great shoe for the money. Here in the form of a dark brown Balmoral-boot in tvåtonsutförande.

Hiro Yanagimachi “B02”

Japanese Hiro Yanagimachi makes some of the world’s top footwear. (even the top picture)

Meccariello “Tribune”

Chukkaboots from Antonio Meccariellos line Argentum in model Tribune. A model that is surprisingly versatile, and according to us makes itself best in Tan suede.

Gaziano & Girling “Canterbury”

A really elegant kostymkänga from Gaziano & Girling in the model.