10 Basic Tips To Achieve Your Suitcase

The honeymoon is one of the most special trips that you’ll take in your life. It is the culmination of what you have been planning for months, your well deserved rest after all the stress that you lived during the weeks of planning your wedding and of course, is also the most romantic.

You’ve surely come up in your head every look that you’ll enjoy awaited trip and, of course, won’t that nothing of what you have planned to carry in your head is out. That is why that Victorinox Travel Gear luggage experts, give us 10 tips to prepare your luggage.

1.make a listeverything you need to bring on your trip, so you don’t forget anything.Take your time, you can not leave anything behind

2.Use fully the space between the tubes of the handle of the suitcase, packing the shoes on the sides.

3.Save space by placing socks or any other clothing that roll within the shoes can be.

4.The items that may not roll up and light objects can be packed into a compartment separately.

5.Places the pants leaving waistband hanging over the edge of your luggage and repeat this alternating way.

6.Wrap the rest of your clothes. This generates greater space and causes less wrinkles in your clothes, at the end, placed on rolled clothes part which was hanging pants.

7.For do not mistreat the belts nothing better than placing them stretched around the suitcase.

8.Placed even above your cosmetics and other items that you need immediately. In this way you will have them to hand.

9.Place the compression strapsto ensure that your clothes reaches such how you arranged it.

10.Close your suitcase and in the exterior pockets keep all documents and accessories that you need to hand carry.

Voila! Your suitcase is ready for the big trip. To enjoy it.